Harper’s Bazaar – Takashi Murakami Monster’s Photoshoot

By - November 8th, 2013

Harpers Bazaar   Takashi Murakami Monsters Photoshoot

As if the world couldn’t get any more zanier, Harper’s Bazaar just released the images from its monster-themed photoshoot with acclaimed artist Takashi Murakami. Photographed by Jason Schmidt and featuring model Angela Lindvall, “Murakami’s Monster Magic” photoshoot, as it has been appropriately dubbed, showcases the cutesy, creepy, and comedic creatures of Murakami’s upcoming film Jellyfish Eyes (see below for the trailer). 

As the prime city to embrace cinematic arts, Los Angeles serves as the background for this fantastical production, with landmark places such as In-N-Out, The Standard Hollywood, and Beverly Hills captured in the photos. It just goes to show that 2013 has hit a stride in making the distinction between reality and make-believe a little bit finer.

Harpers Bazaar   Takashi Murakami Monsters Photoshoot