Giveaway Winner: Dave’s Wear House x Freshness – Another Whip Bicycle in Matte Iridescent Blue

By - November 11th, 2013

With the introduction of bike sharing programs like New York City’s Citi Bike and pristine riding machines all around, we thought it would be somewhat of a challenge to locate a truly SHITTEST, CRAPPIEST, MOST AWFUL BIKE for our giveaway contest with Dave’s Wear House. We were wrong. Not only you found some of shittest two wheelers we’ve ever seen, a few of you got down right creative, there was even a picture of cow. But unfortunately, like tagline for the film Highlander, there can only be one…


Congratulations! Please let us know how to best contact you!
For those who missed out on the opportunity this time around, we currently organizing another giveaway contest that should be up and running soon. So stay tuned!