Bugatti x Desvall – Shisha Pipe

By - November 14th, 2013

bugatti desvall shisha pipe 011 Bugatti x Desvall   Shisha Pipe

Nothing from Bugatti comes cheap, and that includes an unexpected shisha pipe from the luxury French automaker. Made in collaboration with Desvall — a Stockholm-based outfit known for their artisanal shisha pipes — the 80-centimeter tall contraption has a design inspired by “Bugatti’s venerable racing heritage and the pioneering performance of the Bugatti Veyron.” The pipe is hand-crafted using titanium, carbon fiber and genuine leather detailing (instead of the usual glass and steel), and features Desvall’s patented pivot technology, allowing it to rotate 360-degrees for group use. Ideally, that means a group of users could split the $10,000 price tag. The Bugatti by Desvall shisha pipe is limited to a quantity of 150 units.

bugatti desvall shisha pipe 021 Bugatti x Desvall   Shisha Pipe

bugatti desvall shisha pipe 031 570x380 Bugatti x Desvall   Shisha Pipe