S.T.D. – Sonically Transmitted Disease

By - December 11th, 2013

S.T.D.   Sonically Transmitted Disease

Most cities would refuse anything resembling the look of an S.T.D., but Shanghai has embraced it full-force. In the past three years party-pushing music promoter Sonically Transmitted Disease, or “S.T.D.” as it is cheekily referred as, has infected Shanghai’s former French Concession area with 130 – 155 BPMs of electronic dance music and a wave of live performance events to make the southeast side of China into the envy of Asia’s hardcore party animals. Even big-name international corporations, such as CONVERSE, H&M, American Apparel, Lane Crawford, 10 Corso Como and VANS have warmed up to S.T.D.’s brand of music mayhem by hiring the collective to be their music consultant for private events. In a very short time, S.T.D. has helped Shanghai’s music scene go from non-existent to rabid insanity– and with respected authority to boot.

“Shanghai is in this really incredible moment where things are coming to surface which weren’t there—or weren’t apparent before. in comparison, the Beijing scene is great (very prominent with live music), but the Shanghai party scene is really taking off,” says Reggie, aka “R3″, who runs the show in this pearl of the Orient. The city’s affinity to new music is really a testament to Sonically Transmitted Disease‘s shrewd eye for taste-appropriate talent. “We bring in bands from Beijing, Chengdu, Xian and all over China, trying to create an idea of touring that is essentially a novel concept to the Chinese audience.”

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