KYTE & KEY – Wearable Cabelet: Compact Connector For Micro-USB/Lightning Devices

By - December 18th, 2013

There is no need to imagine the scenario since we’ve all been there before – Your phone is running low on power when you realized you had no cable/connector for a quick charge via laptop. While there are already convenient devices such as the BlueLounge Kii, none of them are as fashionable as the Wearable Cabelet from KYTE & KEY. A derivative of Cable and Bracelet, KYTE & KEY cleverly concealed either a USB-to-Micro USB or USB-to-Lightning underneath a braided genuine leather band. Developed by the former Chief Marketing Officer of PUMA, the Cabelet comes in four different colors with either a stainless steel or bronze metal clasp. With three lengths to select from: Small (5-inch – 6-inch) to Medium (6-inch – 7-inch) and Large (7-inch – 8-inch), all retails for $69.99 USD and is available now through KYTE & KEY online store or Apple Store.