Freshness Conversations: David Obadia, Co-Founder/Creative Director of BWGH

By - December 19th, 2013

Freshness Conversations: David Obadia, Co Founder/Creative Director of BWGH

“Effortless Cool” is one of the few phrases you think of when you see the designs from BWGH. Still, its full name, Brooklyn We Go Hard, conveys something otherwise. From the minds of David Obadia and Nelson Hassan, BWGH is, first and foremost, a fashion label of incorporation. Though it spells out its love for American streetwear and New York’s hip-hop scene (forever linked to Jay Z’s 2008 song “Brooklyn Go Hard”), the Paris-based brand infuses design elements and forms that are unmistakably European. So is BWGH a high fashion entity with a penchant for streetwear style like Givenchy or Alexander Wang? Its Co-Founder/Creative Director, David Obadia, will tell you flat out: “No.” Obadia will also tell you BWGH isn’t a streetwear brand with aspirations of high fashion like Hood By Air; what BWGH stands for, however, is something more in tune with creativity and beyond the common notions of fashion and its trends. Before the launch of its first collaboration with PUMA, we sat down with the designer to find out the ethos of BWGH…

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