FEIT Double Stitchdown Boots

By - December 23rd, 2013

FEIT Double Stitchdown Boots

Presented as FEIT‘s take on the classic desert boot, the hand-sewn Sitchdown is built from start to finish by a single master craftsman. The upper — made with the finest Italian vegetable leather, using minimal, dyes, chemicals and pigments — is stretched over the last and flanged out and sewn by hand to the sole. The lockdown stitch that gives the boot its name is made up of a top and a bottom stitch which are inter-stitched, meaning it will never unravel. The upper is left on the last for up to ten days and exposed to light steam, so that the leather eventually dries and tightens to ensure a superior shape and fit. Available in marine, corteccia and tan, the boots are available now directly from FEIT.

FEIT Double Stitchdown Boots








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