MEDICOM TOY – Mount Fuji BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

By - January 2nd, 2014

MEDICOM TOY   Mount Fuji BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%”>Katsushika Hokusai is probably one of the most famous ukiyo-e artists from Japan. His famous woodprints capture the essence of Japanese landscape and culture, winning the hearts of viewers from around the world. This year marks the 50th anniversary of”>International Ukiyo-e Society, celebrated by a special exhibition”>Ukiyo-e: A Journey Through the Floating World showcasing the masterpieces from Japanese artists. Two ukiyo-e inspired”>BE@RBRICK toys from”>MEDICOM TOY will be sold in conjunction to the exhibition at”>Edo-Tokyo Museum, Nagoya City Museum, and Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum. Focusing on Mount Fuji as a subject matter, both works are based on famous pieces by Hokusai. The 400% figure is printed with Beneath the Wave off Kanagawa artwork, while the 100% figure is printed with Fine Wind, Clear Morning piece. These toys are sold exclusively during the exhibitions in Japan.

MEDICOM TOY   Mount Fuji BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%