LEGO Album Covers by Harry Heaton

By - January 13th, 2014

LEGO once started out as a simple toy for kids; adults, however, have begun using it as a form of expression. LEGO art is not anything new, necessarily, but Harry Heaton is transforming the humble blocks into expressive visual pieces. Heaton uses the various colored LEGO blocks as a medium to create album covers. The amassed works are nothing short of amazing, and he takes requests via his Tumblr site. Each cover art is simplified just enough for them to be recognized, which adds an extra layer of fun. Check out some examples in the following pages.


You knew that internet is full of programs that make a pic like this from any source image in 2 seconds? Can't be actually built from Legos either because Lego doesn't produce that many shades of colors used in these images. Calling a hoax like this "art" is a real brainfart from the modern media... again...