Yuketen – Fall/Winter 2014 Collection | Preview

By - January 25th, 2014

Yuketen   Fall/Winter 2014 Collection | Preview

It all started some years ago with a small stall filled with its signature footwear. Now, California-based Yuketen occupies one of the most impressive  booth at Capsule Show New York. In addition to its original footwear line, the brand also added several other business components over the years, including clothing label Monitaly and backpack maker Epperson Mountaineering.  Still, designer Yuki Matsuda placed the same emphasis on all, that each design is made in materials of the highest quality by experienced artisans.  These attributes are quite tangible on designs such as the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots. Hand-sewn in  premium waxed leather, the boots include a layer of beaver fur along the toe boxes. Not just for aesthetics, the beaver fur is an ideal repellant against water and other elements.  Easy to clean, the fur tip is also a reference to the pioneering days of America.  One other interesting fact mentioned by Yuketen’s Ryan Keenan is the fact that each beaver hide features unique characteristics depending on the animal’s diet, the climate, the region they’re from and so on.  This means each pair of the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots is somewhat an one-of-one creation  since no two hides are alike.

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection from Yuketen will be in select retailers worldwide at the end of August. In the meantime, you will find collections from 2013 through its Grizzzly online store at www.grizzzlystore.com

Yuketen   Fall/Winter 2014 Collection | Preview

Photography by: SamAlive for Freshness