A.D.S.R. x Mark Gonzales – Sunglasses

By - February 4th, 2014

Japanese sunglass proveyor A.D.S.R. joins up with famed skater, artist, and designer Mark “Gonz” Gonzales this season on a pair of special edition spec’s. Both frames feature dark lenses with black coating for the exterior of the frames, which is engraved with Gonzales’ signature in white, presenting a pretty subtle front. However, it’s the inside that packs a different punch with a two different prints of his work on a white background. Both are available now in limited numbers via the A.D.S.R. online shop and their partner retailers around the globe.

via hayabusa.bz

Philip Sires
Philip Sires

I'm sorry but no matter what spin you put on it those are Rayban Wayfarers. Can't beat them.