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British Knights x DRx Romanelli: The Return of a Hip-Hop Royalty

While Nike and adidas still reign supreme over today’s dominion of athletic footwear, we’ve seen the resurgences of Reebok, Puma, and even Ewing during the last few years. All have made the leap back to our collective consciousness except for one – British Knights.

Hailed from New York City originally, British Knights first established itself among consumers with the British Knights Kings model back in 1985-86. Commonly known as BK, interests in the brand rose soon after due to its spirited designs, counterpoints to the run-of-the-mill models put out by Nike and adidas back then.

At the height of its popularity, BK even turned out its own cushion technology known as the Dymacel, a silicon filled cell in the form of a diamond. The advantage was obvious when you compared it to air-based cushioning by rivals Nike Air and Reebok Hexalite, which were prone to punctures and leakages.