Guardians of the Galaxy – Official Trailer | Video

By - February 19th, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy   Official Trailer | Video

After plenty of speculation and equal does of anticipation, Marvel Studios has just released the Official Trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy. The trailer first debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night with an intro by star Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quill, who is the focus of the film (and a manhunt) after he steals an orb from the infamous Ronan the Accuser. While plenty of other Marvel comics are well-known through the world, Guardians is largely unknown outside of those in die-hard circles, which explains why the trailer make sure to introduce each of the main characters and their unique abilities, complete with plenty of action shots following. This is a far cry from the Avengers, X-Men, and Captain America for many main-stream mover goers, but if everyone taps into their inner child and settles in for a fun ride and interesting story, everyone could be a winner. Guardians of the Galaxy is set to hit theaters August 1.Guardians of the Galaxy   Official Trailer | Video