Oakley – “Disruptive By Design” 30th Anniversary Celebration | Event Recap

By - March 12th, 2014

While registered officially as a company in 1975, performance optic giant Oakley truly came about a year before when founder Jim Jannard created one of the first working prototype in his garage. Some 600 patents and nearly 30 years later, the company’s fanatical drive to make things better through design is still alive today. In fact, despite its merger with eyewear giant Luxottica back in 2007, that rabid ethos is even more potent than before. Hence, the new motto “Disruptive By Design.”

With a fleet of Tesla Model S at the ready, guests from five different continents arrived in style at the RED Studios Hollywood, Jim Jannard’s newest project. Within the cavernous space, one where they shot episodes of HBO’s True Blood, sitcom Seinfeld and 1984 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Oakley created a dazzling light show through the use of high-tech projectors. One part for atmosphere and two part for historical references, the near panoramic display highlighted Oakley’s technical achievements through an unbroken timeline. Juxtaposed by billboard size version of the original ads, many created by Jannard himself, there were sessions of Oakley’s Mad Science demonstration on site. One was the laser beam demo for the effects of High Definition Optics (HDO), which all light is re-focused onto one area of the lens, thus produced less fatigue on your eyes. The other was the impact protection test, the reason why Oakley is now the preferred protective eyewear brand by Spec-Op operators and Police SWAT officers around the globe. However, the evening’s crucial moment came when CEO Colin Baden took the stage. Also known as the Chief Mad Scientist, the trained architect who built Oakley’s bunker-like headquarters delivered somewhat of a pep talk to guests and employees alike. With celebrities like Shaun White and Lil Jon in attendance, Baden reaffirmed Oakley’s commitment to stay innovative and live by the Disruptive By Design mantra. Finally, to competitors and detractors of Oakley, Baden warned that they “…will destroy them…” Expect more to come this year from Oakley…

Miss Tanutparin Putabtim
Miss Tanutparin Putabtim

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