Publish Brand – Spring 2014 Collection | Chapter 2 Lookbook

By - March 14th, 2014

Though its prevalent throughout the industry, Michael Huynh, the Creative Director for Publish Brand, never understood why streetwear designs have to be monochromatic in colorway and branded with logos from top to bottom. So when Publish Brand got off to a running start a few years ago, the design did an about face when it came to the notion of “industry standards.” You will still find that somewhat counterintuitive attitude in the brand’s delivery 2 for the Spring 2014 Collection. Known as “Good Fellers,” the new line helps to readdress some of Publish Brand’s most notable goods, including the Jogger Pant, now in hybrid form called the Colinson. Featuring an unique snake print created just for the collection, items like the Prey, Publish’s version of the M65 jacket, offers a new spin on a classic. There is also the Decarlo 5-panel strapback cap with its sublimated graphic that will likely to be one of the collection’s best seller soon. These and others are available through Publish Brand’s online shop and select storefronts worldwide now.