Air Jordan 6 “Championship Champagne”

By - March 27th, 2014

It’s time to celebrate. If you’ve got a cigar in your left hand, what’s in your right? That’s right, a nice tall glass of Cristal. In the same vein, joining the Championship Cigar Air Jordan 6 will be a tall drink of bubbly dubbed the “Championship Champagne,” capping off a two-part tribute that is pretty obvious in its inspiration, especially with the model chosen – the Air Jordan 6 – matching the number of rings Jordan has to his name. It also harkens back to when, after the ’91 finals, Jordan lit up a big stoggy and doused his teammates in champagne, which marked the beginning of their championship-filled ’90’s campaign. Check out more angles after the jump and head to Marquee to pop the cork on this one.

Mike Stark
Mike Stark

That leather on the side air holes though..