What Facebook Might Look Like on Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset | Video

By - March 28th, 2014

Welcome to Facebook version 2.0. While much of the tech world is still speculating as to what a virtual reality Facebook page would look like on Oculus Rift, creative agency Chaotic Moon took on the initiative and merged both concepts into a demo instead. With the available Oculus Rift Developer Kit 1, programmers at the Austin-based Chaotic Moon were able to create a virtual shopping experience through a virtual reality mall. Shoppers can see the 3D representation of each piece of merchandise, make the necessary customization and even have a live conversation with friends about the purchase. In ways, the demo is very similar to the virtual world, Second Life. However, since the merger between Facebook and Oculus VR is still in its early stages, let’s hope that the new VR technology won’t be used just for online shopping or porn only…

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via: Engaget


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