RE2PECT: Jordan Brand Pays Tribute to Derek Jeter’s Last Season

By - April 2nd, 2014


The last remaining member of the Yankees’ vaunted Core Four, Derek Jeter has announced that the 2014 season will be his last. The future first-ballot Hall of Famer arrived in the Major Leagues as a fresh-faced rookie in 1996, and with fellow home-grown talents including Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettite and Jorge Posada, the Captain led the Yankees to five World Series titles, all while collecting numerous individual achievements. Celebrating Jeter’s storied career, as well as his relationship with Jordan Brand, JB has kicked off the RE2PECT campaign, through which baseball fans around the world can participate by tagging social media posts with #RE2PECT. Check out highlights from Jeter’s history with Jordan Brand in the gallery below, and look for limited-edition RE2PECT tees to hit stores starting April 5th.

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