Nike’s Aero-Static Dome for Milan Design Week 2014

By - April 9th, 2014

Nike’s Aero Static Dome for Milan Design Week 2014

To commemorate the unveiling of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low HTM during Milan Design Week, Nike tapped the services of Arthur Huang — co-founder of Taipei-based MINIWIZ — to create the stunning Aero-Static Dome, a large floating structure tethered by multicolored Flyknit strands. The floating design, inspired by the aerodynamics of Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute as well as Alexander Graham Bell’s tetrahedral kite, floats above nine glass capsules arranged in a half-circle on the ground, each containing the Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low HTM sneaker. Aside from the visually striking presentation, the installation — located in Milan’s palazzo clerici — showcases themes of lightweight performance and enhanced sustainability. Check out more looks below.

Nike’s Aero Static Dome for Milan Design Week 2014