HootSuite “A Game of Social Thrones” | Inspired by Game Of Thrones Opening Sequence

By - April 10th, 2014

Who knew there was an Emmy Award for opening sequences till HBO took home the prize in 2011 for its Game Of Thrones series. An intense process, the stills are done first in pencil on paper only. Then, computer rendering transforms the clockwork-like illustrations into a 3D animation featuring a fly-through of the various warring kingdoms. And since they’re avid GOT fans, HootSuite, maker of the popular social media management app, decided to create their own opening sequence too.

Aptly titled “A Game of Social Thrones” HootSuite rehashed GOT’s kingdoms with some of today’s largest social networks, all done in the clockwork style. There is the raise of Facebook, along with two of its recent purchases, Instagram and WhatsApp. Perched supremely on a mountain top is Google+ and and its YouTube subsidiary. Like Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, blue birds patrol the skies above Twitter’s domain while an ocean away is the kingdom of LinkedIn. There is even a glimpse of the Wall with SnapChat’s Ghost playing the role of The Others.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image