Diesel x i-D Magazine – “A-Z of Dance” featuring 26 Moves and Styles | Video

By - April 21st, 2014

In their ongoing attempt to “re-brand” denim giant Diesel, company founder Renzo Rosso and creative director Nicola Formichetti launched another ambitious project earlier this month. Already with 1 million+ views on YouTube, the Jogg Jean A-Z Dance Video is a visual encyclopedia of today’s hottest dance moves. Cataloged from A to Z, the 3-minute long clip features familiar terms like “B-Girl” for the letter B to the not so familiar “Finger Tut” for F. From Krumping and Rumba, to the right way of Twerking, this video is, on the whole, a celebration of dance. The i-D Magazine-produced film is also an introduction to Jogg Jeans, Diesel’s new performance denim. For a follow-up film, Diesel is asking fans to upload their moves via Instagram, Vine and other social media. Be sure to add hashtags #joggjeans and #iDdance to your entries so judges can see if you’ve got the right moves.

YouTube Preview Image