PUMA Faas Mask by Zhijun Wang

By - April 21st, 2014

Once he perfected the process, ZJ Design’s Zhijun Wang knew he could modify other sneakers into a filtration mask to combat the worsening air quality of China. After his previous working prototypes using just one pair of Nike Flyknit Racer, the Beijing-based designer created his third iteration with components from the PUMA Faas 300 v3. After “dissecting” the lightweight runner into its basic parts and stripping much of its foam insulation, Wang rearranged the parts into four, all held together by Faas’ shoelaces. With a removable filter that is effective against PM2.5-size particulate matter, the new mask is also great for night running thanks to the large PUMA reflective logo. Fittingly, Wang tested the mask during his 10K run at PUMA’s Beijing Run Festival last week. With his belief that creative works can change life, Wang hopes to make more of these masks in the coming months.