Casio G-Shock – DW-6900ZB Watch – Zebra Camo Series

By - April 25th, 2014

Casio G Shock   DW 6900ZB Watch   Zebra Camo SeriesCamouflage patterns are back in full force, as Casio launched several series featuring camouflage prints. To be precise, these watches are not exactly camouflage, unless you want to hide amongst multicolored zebras. Nevertheless, these designs are definitely worth considering for those in need of a new G-Shock. Based on the classic DW-6900 model, four versions are produced in two tone color schemes. For an added bonus, the camouflage pattern integrates inside the digital display, covering the whole watch in their original zebra pattern. Grab these Zebra Camo Series watches at your nearest G-Shock dealer.

Casio G Shock   DW 6900ZB Watch   Zebra Camo Series