Marco Brambilla – “Creation (Megaplex)” Part 3 | Video

By - May 5th, 2014

Marco Brambilla   “Creation (Megaplex)” Part 3 | Video

Most famous for his works with” target=”_blank”>Kanye West,” target=”_blank”>Marco Brambilla just unveiled his final installment to his Creation (Megaplex) trilogy. Rendered as a kaleidoscope format, the 3D visual features snippets from 350-400 films rotating in a continuous loop to “Cinderella Waltz” by composer Sergei Prokofiev, all the while being “suck” into a giant vortex. In describing his choice of images and music, the New York City-based video artist added, “The waltz structure felt appropriate since everything is in constant motion, orbiting and circling—and Prokofiev has a wonderful sense of madness.” Part of the Brambilla’s solo exhibition currently on display at M” target=”_blank”>ichael Fuchs Galerie in Berlin, you can also see the mind-boggling visual experiment after the click.–megaplex”>Marco Brambilla: Creation (Megaplex) on”>