Ace Hotel Downtown LA by Commune Design

By - May 7th, 2014

Ace Hotel Downtown LA by Commune Design

Opening in January 2014, the Ace Hotel is the latest contribution to the resurgence of downtown Los Angeles. Formerly a wasteland of crumbling art-deco facades and half-empty office buildings, downtown L.A. is the burgeoning center of the city, and its citizens within and visitors without can turn to the Ace Hotel for both food and drink, as well as a comfortable bed for an overnight stay. Ace partnered with L.A.-based Commune Design to revamp a Spanish Goth 13-floor building, originally built in 1927 as the United Artists Building and later known as the Texaco Building. In addition to the period details and Stumptown Coffee, the building houses a 1,600-seat theater inspired by a cathedral in Segovia, Spain. Check out more looks below.

Ace Hotel Downtown LA by Commune Design







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