NO MAS – “City Of Champions” Collection

By - May 8th, 2014

NO MAS   City Of Champions Collection

Based all things that made New York City great, NO MAS honors the “City That Never Weeps” with the “City Of Champions” Collection. Birthplace of Michael Jordan and Tyson, the Big Apple is also home to sports teams with more championship titles than any other cities in the nation. In addition to its professional teams in the MLB, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL, there are countless others at the amateur and academic level. To reflect the diversity, the pride and the love all these athletes have for their sports, NO MAS refashioned a collection of “new vintage” designs that includes shirts, vinyl record, pennants, posters, cinch back and VHS tapes. A trip down memory lane along the Canyon of Heroes with Darryl waving from the back seat and 976-1313 on speed dial, the war chant of “Go New York Go New York Go!” reverberates throughout the collection.

New for Summer 2014, the “City Of Champions” Collection by NO MAS is available now through its online store.

NO MAS   City Of Champions Collection