Grotesk X Case Studyo “Snow Beach” Figurine

By - May 22nd, 2014

Grotesk X Case Studyo Snow Beach Figurine

Among Lo heads, the Polo Snow Beach anorak from the early ’90s has achieved near mythical status, immortalized by rapper Raekwon and coveted by vintage Ralph Lauren connoisseurs the world over. Graphic designer Kimou Meyer, aka Grotesk, pays tribute to the sartorial subculture with this Snow Beach figurine, standing nearly 20 inches tall and crafted from red Nordic pinewood with a sprayed acrylic finish. Individually signed and numbered, each piece comes packaged in a custom “Ralf Grotesk” wooden case. Look for it to launch soon through Case Studyo‘s online store.

Grotesk X Case Studyo Snow Beach Figurine