The Game Plan by Champs Sports – Jordan Carmine Collection

By - May 27th, 2014

The Game Plan by Champs Sports   Jordan Carmine Collection

The Game Plan by Champs Sports is kicking off its 2014 season with the launch of a true classic. There is a general understanding for those of us who rocks Air Jordans that they are more than just sneakers. For us, they convey a lifestyle, one which is ever evolving both on and off the court, in casual setting or not, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In anticipation of the upcoming Air Jordan 6 Retro in OG colorway of “Carmine” and the updated version of True Flight Carmine, Champ Sports curated three key styles to complement any Jordan addict’s personal style.  From the Classic Look, where color blocked patterns in Carmine Red reign supreme, to the On The Court Look for those want to look their best while “schooling” opponents on the Art of Flight at a local court. There is also the Off The Court Look because an off-day at the beach doesn’t mean you’re off your game.

We start with the Classic Look, where color blocked patterns on the Jordan First Trophy Shorts, the Jordan Retro 6 Snapback and Air Jordan 6 Crew Socks go well with anything. Champs then added a pair of Jordan True Flight and finally Mars Blackmon’s “Gotta Be the Shoes” Tee to complete the look.  While “schooling” your friends on the Art of Flight, you can be deck out in the On The Court Look with Jordan 5 Pocket Tank, Jordan Cat Stretch Basketball Shorts and a pair of AJ Crew Socks. Thanks to its streamlined design, Neoprene Dynamic Fit and full-length Nike Air Sole unit, the Jordan True Flight allows you to soar above the competition. Interchangeable between the streets and the beach, the Jordan Hydro 3 Slides are the perfect summer ware as the temperature rises. Together with Jordan Take Flight Short, Jordan AJ 6 Go 23 Remix Tee and Jordan Elephant Bucket, the Off Court Look fits with your summer itinerary of music festivals, firework displays and pool parties.

Got you covered from now till end of the summer, the Jordan Carmine Collection from The Game Plan by Champs Sports is available at Champs Sports retailers now.

The Game Plan by Champs Sports   Jordan Carmine Collection

Jordan Carmine Collection – Classic Look:
Kick back with your buddy’s in style with this classic Carmine look.
+ Jordan First Trophy Shorts- $55.00
+ Jordan True Flight- $140.00
+ Jordan Retro 6 Snapback – $35.00
+ Air Jordan 6 Crew Sock- $16.00
+ Gotta Be the Shoes Tee- $35.00

Jordan Carmine Collection – On Court Look:
Hitting the Courts this Summer? Can’t go wrong with the Red/Black/White hook.
+ AJ Crew Sock- $16.00
+ Jordan True Flight- $140.00
+ Jordan 5 Pocket Tank- $34.00
+ Jordan Cat Stretch Basketball Shorts- $45.00

Jordan Carmine Collection – Off Court Look:
Hitting the beach or pool? Cool out with the proper slides and bucket on a hot day.
+ Jordan Take Flight Short- $60.00
+ Jordan Elephant Bucket- $35.00
+ Jordan AJ 6 Go 23 Remix Tee- $35.00
+ Jordan Hydro 3 Slides- $48.00
+ Jordan True Flight- $140.00