Timex Ironman One GPS+ - Standalone Smartwatch

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Something that almost all the smartwatches flooding the market in recent months have in common is the need to be tethered to a phone. The new Timex Ironman One GPS+ bucks the trend, offering standalone 3G connectivity and various features tailored mostly to athletes. It can keep track of performance metrics and even upload your run data to a fitness website with one tap; an upgraded version is equipped with a heart rate monitor. Under the hood is a Qualcomm chipset, while the display is a 1.5-inch always-on Mirasol. There's also a built-in music player and 4 gigabytes of storage for music that can only be streamed through a Bluetooth headset. Pricing begins at around $400, with the first year of AT&T 3G data service free of charge. Look for the device to launch this fall.