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Announcing – Freshness Asia: Japanese + Chinese

With the advancement of communication and faster transport method, the world we currently live in is just getting smaller, with lifestyles intersect with one another. With this in mind, on this, our 5th year in operation, Freshness is setting on a new project – Freshness Asia. Available … READ MORE


Freshness Feature: Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501

ilovedust is a design collective working in stylized solutions for products and brands of all sizes. They recently worked with the globally recognized Jordan Brand on a special release of the iconic Air Jordan I basketball sneaker. The AJ I is largely considered to be among the most sought after, revolutionary consumer products of the 20th century so it is only fitting that classic American jean maker Levi’s would put its spin on the footwear icon. READ MORE


BPMW – COMPASS Footwear Trade Show

bpmw presents: Compass Compass, the new show with a tightly-edited assemblage of the footwear industry’s most captivating brands, will help modern retailers navigate shifting changes and point visitors in the direction of what’s next. Alexis Park Hotel – The Alexis Park Hotel Ballroom 375 E. Harmon Ave. … READ MORE


Diesel Wall 2008

DIESEL WALL, a competition dedicated to young artists and designers, to offer them the opportunity to showcase their works on an extraordinary scale: monumental, freestanding vertical walls in the centres of world’s most important cities. In 2008, this art project will delve into new territories: Manchester (UK), … READ MORE

WK Interact @ Espeis Archetype Gallery – Opening

Espeis Archetype Gallery Presents: WK Interact – The Trail Friday evening marked the start of WK’s latest exhibition, currently on display at Espeis Archetype Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Friends, families, and fans of WK all stopped by to see this elaborate installation, including the centerpiece titled “The … READ MORE

WK Interact @ Espeis Archetype Gallery – TONIGHT!

Espeis Archetype Gallery Presents: WK Interact – The Trail In New York City, a canvas WK has made his own for over 15 years, ‘The Trail’ is an unswerving invitation to join this impacted state of crash. With a motor accident and a broken figure, the resulting … READ MORE

Nike 706 Presents: Force of Love – Phase II

Nike 706 Presents: Force of Love – Chinese Artworks Inspired by AF1 In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic AF1, Nike is proud to present “Force of Love’ at Nike 706 in Beijing – an extravaganza of art, music, film, and photography all inspired by … READ MORE

November Banner – Nike SB Brazil

To celebrate the launch of the Nike SB Brazil Custom Series 02, Freshness is displaying the works of Luis Felipe Volpi, Caue Rodrigues, Rafel Chavez, and Rimon Guimaraes for this month’s banner. Each artist worked in conjunction with a skater to create 3 giant murals, an interpretation … READ MORE



The black and white version of KAWS ZOOTH by Neighborhood and OriginalFake will be available on today at noon 12pm EST. Be sure not to miss out. > KAWSONE


August Banner – Something Relevant

August Banner designed by: Something Relevant Back in 2005 when I created the work I was influenced by Scott Hanson and the ilovedust guys. At the time they were beginning to move away from the hard clean lines of vector and into a more painterly style using … READ MORE


LRG Clothing x Fit Bike

LRG Clothing is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with BMX heavyweight, Fit Bike Co. This collaboration will introduce three limited edition BMX bicycles set to hit the streets for Fall 2007. Each limited production bicycle is available in one of three exclusive L-R-G designed colorway patterns. … READ MORE