Articles by: Emily


Steinway & Sons x BMW 7 Series Composition

Sleek and polished with the hands that tell a story of a heritage of artisanship and craft, a tale of perseverance and dedication embedded in a fine piano black finish, mirroring the lessons of the past, the liveliness of the present and hope for the future, BMW … READ MORE


Freshness Feature: A Surfing Jam Named Saturdays

Downtown New York– a place where the hip and cool congregate, where those dressed with insouciant chicness exhale a slow drag of smoke on the sidewalk, tipping their Panama hats and Wayfarers effortless to portray a disheveled perfection; where everyone opt to dine al fresco at the … READ MORE


Quest Crew x Gourmet x Disney – Mickey Battles Quest Crew | Video

When breaking it down, attitude is winning half the battle. And to up that attitude factor, half of that effort lies in genetic disposition, and the other half in clothes. So essentially, outfits are very important. For Quest Crew (made famous by America’s Best Dance Crew), their … READ MORE


Dwight Howard x Derrick Rose x Slim Chin – Fast Don’t Lie (Gregory Brother Remix) | Video

Caviar pool? Gold jet ski? Freaky lady pyramid? Since just by being fast, a series of strange but new things have landed in Slim Chin’s courtyard, so now the question is– what’s new? Cue the Gregory Brother Remix of adidas’ celebrated and hilarious “Fast Don’t Lie” campaign … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 11/15/2010 – 11/19/2010

As of last week, tech companies are having a hey day (or rather, a hey week) with a rattle of new initiatives designed and promised to change our lives. First, Google decides that talk, mail and search will no long be sufficient in its quest for power … READ MORE


BBC/Ice Cream – November 2010 – T-Shirt + New Era Cap

Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream may have ventured into the more tailored (see: adoption of selvedge denim into collection) but it doesn’t mean the labels are forgetting their roots in graphic t-shirts and caps, which have been fan staples since the labels’ inceptions. This November, the … READ MORE


Billionaire Boys Club – Fall/Winter 2010 – Motor Cycle Jacket

Billionaire Boys Club is releasing a new Motor Cycle Jacket for November, and has successfully combined the military style with the biker style, fused with the classic BBC graphics for this new drop. Unlike traditional biker jackets that are usually rendered in leather, BBC took a more … READ MORE


Spike Jonze x Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” | Video

There is something intricately fascinating about the American suburbia. Past the peaceful rows of houses with white picket fences, still water runs deep as an uncomfortable omen seems to lurk underneath the homely exterior. It is the place where damage lies hidden behind closed doors, and but … READ MORE


Michael Tompert x Paul Fairchild – Destroyed Apple Products

Caveat: If you are an Apple evangelist, the following images may result in tiny heart aneurysm and paranoia about the safekeeping of your beloved gadgets. Proceed with caution. The project really budded when Michael Tompert’s two children fought incessantly over a game on an iPod Touch. In the heat of … READ MORE