Articles by: Ben


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – Walker on the Green

Whether you’re a kid just getting out of diapers or you’re an adult making the transition into them, mini golf is a homerun activity for all ages. One of the most interesting aspects of this particular recreational endeavor is typically the set and/or the courses in which … READ MORE


adidas Originals – The Return of the Stan Smith

With a release planned for the upcoming year, adidas returns with their best selling sneaker of all time, the Stan Smith. With over 40 million pairs sold to date, adidas readmits this tennis staple back to the shelves in a campaign being coined, ‘Stan’s Back.” After a … READ MORE


Topo Designs Trip Pack

Seeing anything with a, ‘Made in the USA’ tag these days is like spotting a unicorn – it’s wildly exciting and almost no one is going to believe you. When you do find out items are made here in the good ol’ U-S of A it’s always … READ MORE


Nike Air Mag – “Air Mag Elite” Customs | By Kickasso Kustom

Sneaker customization has the ability to elicit two reactions; First, It can demonstrate that sometimes retros are best left untouched, or two, wow the imagination of the viewer with a completely fresh concept. In an effort to achieve the latter, the folks over at Kickasso Kustoms slapped … READ MORE