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Kanye West – Yeezus Tour Stage Design Concept Art

Kanye West‘s Yeezus Tour is most definitely one for the books. Not only was it one of the most culturally relevant and talked about music events of the past few years but it set a new visual and financial standard in the industry, much like West himself … READ MORE


Airbnb’s Portland Office

San Francisco-based Airbnb opened its office in Portland, Oregon, last month, the latest of 12 such global outposts. The company chose Portland in large part for the city’s support (this past summer the Portland City Council finalized regulations allowing people to legally rent Airbnb rooms) as well as … READ MORE


ALL GONE: The Finest of Street Culture 2014 | Announced

Every year since 2006, a new issue of ALL GONE comes out to highlight the best of streetwear and culture from the last twelve months. The 2014 edition will mark the ninth installment of the distinguished book and will feature cover art done by American contemporary artist … READ MORE


Hot Toys – Darth Vader Collectible Figure

Must we reiterate time and time again how amazing everything that comes out of Hot Toys is? We showed you the Stormtroopers and Boba Fett, both realistic enough to jump straight into the screen and now we have a (swear word) awesome figure of the original Skywalker … READ MORE


District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals Concept Art for Unofficial Alien Movie

Spanning four installments, the celebrated Alien film franchise experienced a sharp downturn in quality after Aliens, number two in the series directed by James Cameron. It could be that the man to stage a resurrection is Neill Blomkamp, the filmmaker behind District 9 and Elysium. Blomkamp took … READ MORE


Darth Vader by Square-Enix Variant Play Arts Kai

Fans of the Star Wars series are having quite a year. With all the news surrounding The Force Awakens, not to mention all the sneakers, hats and toys, there’s a lot to be happy about. Adding to that already impressive list of goodies is the awesome Darth … READ MORE


The Year in Nike Films: 2014

When creative agency Wieden + Kennedy relocated its very first nationally broadcast television commercial for longtime client Nike, it led many to wonder just how many others we haven’t seen yet. Fortunately, Nike saved us the trouble of foraging for them in its archive with an overview. … READ MORE


Top 12 Stories of 2014 – Art & Design

Art & Design was a difficult category to narrow down for us because at Freshness, we believe everything is art in its own merit. Graffiti on the wall of a New York City sidewalk may be be as meaningful to someone as a 10-million dollar Monet. Heck, … READ MORE


Hot Toys – Boba Fett 1/4th Scale Collectible Figure

Hot Toys has officially unveiled its latest entry in the brand’s rapidly expanding Star Wars line: Boba Fett, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. Despite his limited screen presence in the latter two installments of the original trilogy, the character has long been a fan favorite. This upcoming exquisitely … READ MORE


Unleash Your Inner Geek With The Starships Optical Test

You know when you go to the eye doctor and they make you read down a list of letters that eventually become impossible to distinguish? French artist Maxime Pécourt has created one featuring some of the most famous and iconic starships in the entire galaxy. We’ll admit, … READ MORE


BASE – A New Object Design Brand

Operating out of San Francisco, BASE is a new object design company founded by industrial designer Mark Kelly and DSPTCH founder Richard Liu. Their stated goal is to create new home and office accessories through the combination of unique materials and modern design technique. Each BASE product is constructed from Polystone, a … READ MORE