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2014 Chevrolet SS | Tuned by Hennessey Performance

Just in case you thought that the 2014 Chevrolet SS didn’t already produce enough horses, Hennessey Performance has something extra special for your breed of motorhead. Stock, the SS comes with just over 400 hp stuffed within the performance sedan’s engine bay, but Hennessey is of the … READ MORE


Mercedes-Benz G500 Convertible Tuned | By BRABUS

We’ve seen the Mercedes-Benz G500 Convertible plenty of times, but we haven’t quite seen it like this before. The German tuners over at Brabus have just pulled the wraps off of their take on the luxury car, delivering some interesting new features and revealing new accessories to … READ MORE

Petrolicious - The Ferrari 250 GTO speaks for itself Video 01

Petrolicious – “The Ferrari 250 GTO speaks for itself” | Video

While contemporary Ferrari models seem to be all the rage with those who can afford them, true Ferrari enthusiasts admire and value the heritage models that built the brand’s reputation. Take this 1964 250 GTO, for example: it is one of only 35 in existence worldwideand has … READ MORE

McLaren - Special Operations 650S Coupe Concept 01

McLaren – Special Operations 650S Coupe Concept

Gone are the days when owning an exotic supercar was enough to garner attention on the streets of major cities. These days, even supercar manufacturers need to sprinkle a little bit of limited edition or one-off exclusiveness to cater to customers wanting something different. McLaren is taking … READ MORE


MINI Paceman Adventure Concept

Designed by students and instructors alike at the BMW plants in Germany, the MINI Paceman Adventure Concept is a special one-off pickup based on the MINI Cooper S Paceman, illustrating the skill and talent of BMW’s apprentice program. The vehicle has the usual MINI short overhangs and a modified chassis with extended … READ MORE


Upcoming ‘Dream Cars’ Exhibition at Atlanta High Museum of Art

For some, cars are a simple means of conveyance, meant to ferry drivers and passengers from point A to point B. For others, an automobile can be a work of art, which is the idea behind the upcoming exhibition at the Atlanta High Museum of Art. Entitled “Dream Cars: Innovative … READ MORE

Lamborghini - Huracan LP 601-4 00

Lamborghini – Huracán LP 601-4

Lamborghini fans may have been disappointed to hear about the discontinuation of Gallardo, however, we are glad to learn that a new-and-improved vehicle, the Huracán LP 610-4, will succeed it. The last few digits reflect its power output, 610 horsepower and its all wheel drive capabilities. Constructed … READ MORE


2015 Cadillac Escalade | Tuned by Hennessey Performance

Even before the 2015 Cadillac Escalade arrives at a dealership near you, John Hennessey and his crack team of speed specialists at Hennessey Performance (HPE) already tune-up one for those with discerning taste. Featuring the Hennessey HPE550 Supercharged Upgrade Kit, engineers traded the stock 420 horsepower, 6.2-liter … READ MORE


Fast and Furious 7 RC Car Chase

The Fast and the Furious movie series has brought us some of the most epic chase and racing scenes using some of the most iconic muscles cars and tricked-out street racers. In that spirit and to help prime the pump for the upcoming release of Paul Walker’s last … READ MORE


Range Rover – Long Wheelbase Hybrid

Range Rover has just unveiled a new version of their popular Range Rover SUV, the Range Rover Long Wheelbase Hybrid, which made its official debut at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show this week. The hybrid set-up includes a diesel-electric set-up, which pairs a 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine … READ MORE


How to Build an Audi R8 V10 Plus | Video

For many, just seeing the finished product is enough. But, for serious gear heads and car junkies – especially for the Audi faithful – “enough” isn’t in their vocabulary; there’s always something more to see, learn, and experience. Luckily, Leo Parente has just put together a new … READ MORE