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Budnitz Bicycles FTB Limited Edition

Biking to work, school, or to knock out your errands is definitely an accepted form of transportation these days, with those with a green conscious and others with financial motives taking to the streets in droves. Understandably, all these good intentions vanish in the face of dicey … READ MORE

Dosnoventa Runs Dubai Fixed Gear Video 01

“Dosnoventa Runs Dubai” Fixed Gear Video

It seems like the Spanish fixed gear bicycle company, Dosnoventa, escaped the cold winter by heading east during December last year. During their five day stay in Dubai, they took part in Fishtail Rides, a bicycle ride catered towards fixed gear riders in the city. Though Dubai … READ MORE

MASH x Cinelli - Histogram HP Frameset 03

MASH x Cinelli – Histogram HP Frameset

San Francisco bicycle outfit, MASH, and Italian bicycle company, Cinelli, have been leading the way in terms of custom fixed gear bicycle frames for a while now. One of their most popular designs is the Histogram design, and this year will see a brand new frameset, Histogram … READ MORE


Shinola Launches “Great Americans Series” with Wright Brothers Limited Edition Watch & Bicycle

Proudly based out of Detroit, Michigan, with a name borrowed from a resurrected shoe polish brand, Shinola has introduced a watch collection dubbed the “Great Americans Series.” The project celebrates American innovation and ingenuity, with the Wright Brothers Limited Edition getting the nod as the first model out of … READ MORE

Voxman Wattman - Worlds Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle 10

Voxan Wattman – World’s Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle

Let’s be honest, when it comes to sports cars and motorcycles, there is nothing more important than its power output. Sure, we would like to do our part to reduce carbon emissions and leave less pollution in the air, but if it lacks power, it will not … READ MORE


FlyKly Smart Wheel

The FlyKly Smart Wheel aims to make the lives of bicycle commuters a little easier. Compatible with almost any bicycle, the Smart Wheel has a hub fitted with a 250W electric motor that automatically kicks in when the user starts pedaling (and stops when the user does). The motor … READ MORE


Schwinn Sting-Ray 50th Anniversary Edition

In 1963, Schwinn capitalized on a local trend of fitting bicycles with motorcycle-inspired detailing by releasing the Sting-Ray. It was created by Schwinn designer Al Fritz and featured a high-rise, banana seat and ape hanger handlebars. By the end of the following year, the wheelie bike would … READ MORE



Bringing style, class, and superior craftsmanship back into the cycling world, VANDEYK is a leader in the cutting-edge bike manufacturing game and their work with Rapha Continental as well as this VDC model only drives the point home. Engineered by a former F1 engineer Ralf Brand and … READ MORE


Hövding: Airbag for Cyclist

Biking around town is a great alternative to using a car and bus, especially in bigger cities where traffic is an everyday occurrence, but that also means you and your two-wheeler are often on their own against a 2 ton steel machines. To help keep cyclists just … READ MORE


Ucon x 8bar – “Federleicht” Bicycle

Berlin clothing shop Ucon and 8bar Bikes team up to bring the best of both of their brands together in a new bike collaboration, which they’ve officially named “Federleicht.” Translated to mean “feather light” in German, this bike takes the theme far beyond just its structure, integrating work … READ MORE


Filson x Shinola Bixby Bicycle

A strong history of American manufacturing is embodied by this new joint venture from Filson and Shinola, which takes the form here of the Bixby Bicycle. Assembled in Shinola’s small-scale factory in Detroit, the 3-speed bike features a TrueTemper frame with a custom Shinola fork, as well as a … READ MORE