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Schwinn Sting-Ray 50th Anniversary Edition

In 1963, Schwinn capitalized on a local trend of fitting bicycles with motorcycle-inspired detailing by releasing the Sting-Ray. It was created by Schwinn designer Al Fritz and featured a high-rise, banana seat and ape hanger handlebars. By the end of the following year, the wheelie bike would … READ MORE



Bringing style, class, and superior craftsmanship back into the cycling world, VANDEYK is a leader in the cutting-edge bike manufacturing game and their work with Rapha Continental as well as this VDC model only drives the point home. Engineered by a former F1 engineer Ralf Brand and … READ MORE


Hövding: Airbag for Cyclist

Biking around town is a great alternative to using a car and bus, especially in bigger cities where traffic is an everyday occurrence, but that also means you and your two-wheeler are often on their own against a 2 ton steel machines. To help keep cyclists just … READ MORE


Ucon x 8bar – “Federleicht” Bicycle

Berlin clothing shop Ucon and 8bar Bikes team up to bring the best of both of their brands together in a new bike collaboration, which they’ve officially named “Federleicht.” Translated to mean “feather light” in German, this bike takes the theme far beyond just its structure, integrating work … READ MORE


Filson x Shinola Bixby Bicycle

A strong history of American manufacturing is embodied by this new joint venture from Filson and Shinola, which takes the form here of the Bixby Bicycle. Assembled in Shinola’s small-scale factory in Detroit, the 3-speed bike features a TrueTemper frame with a custom Shinola fork, as well as a … READ MORE


Giveaway Winner: Dave’s Wear House x Freshness – Another Whip Bicycle in Matte Iridescent Blue

With the introduction of bike sharing programs like New York City’s Citi Bike and pristine riding machines all around, we thought it would be somewhat of a challenge to locate a truly SHITTEST, CRAPPIEST, MOST AWFUL BIKE for our giveaway contest with Dave’s Wear House. We were … READ MORE


Cinelli Laser Nostra Limited Edition Prototype for (RED)

Among the covet-worthy pieces going up for bid as part of the (RED) Auction is this Cineli Laser Nostra prototype, which was ridden to victory in 2011 at the Red Hook Crit in Milan, Italy. The rider was American Neil Bezdek, who rode the bike — featuring the famous Columbus Niobium … READ MORE


GIVEAWAY REMINDER: Dave’s Wear House x Freshness – Another Whip Bicycle in Matte Iridescent Blue

Just a friendly reminder that there are only 12 hours left before we end the Dave’s Wear House x Freshness – Giveaway Contest of a FREE Another Whip Bicycle in Matte Iridescent Blue. To enter, simply follow the 3 simple steps described below. Also, be sure to … READ MORE


Connor Woody Cruiser

Bikes usually fit within to groups: those that are beloved, honored, and finely tuned machines used for competition, fun, or sport, and the second, those that capture dust in your garage, closet, or storage unit. The Connor Woody Cruiser, however, creates a new grouping: bikes that are … READ MORE


GIVEAWAY: Dave’s Wear House x Freshness – Another Whip Bicycle in Matte Iridescent Blue

WIN A FREE BIKE!! With the season of gifting and charity just a few months away, we at Freshness decided to ratchet things up to speed a bit. Together with Dave’s Wear House here in New York City, we will be hosting a new giveaway. The prize, … READ MORE


Hermès To Introduce Luxury Carbon Fiber Bikes

Famous for its silk scarves and ties, Hermès will soon expand its product line by a considerable margin with the launch of a duo of handsome carbon fiber bicycles. Handcrafted by Time in France, the bikes will come in two different models: Le Flâneur d’Hermès and Le Flâneur sportif … READ MORE