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Pure Fix Cycles – Glow Series

Visibility being the most important factor when it comes to safe riding at night, L.A.-based Pure Fix Cycles has developed a series of glow-in-the-dark bikes. Each model in the “Glow” series uses a special coating on the frame or wheels, one that glows a bright fluorescent green … READ MORE


Realtree x Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike

Now that we’ve reached peak oil, it’s only matter of time before the world exhausts its fossil fuel supply and civilization as we know it collapses in upon itself. To get around the ruins in this dystopian-future hellscape, you’ll want to get your hands on this Realtree … READ MORE


Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2013

From humble beginnings as an unsanctioned street race in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, the Red Hook Crit series is taking the world by a storm. Additional to the original Brooklyn race, they have added Milan to their events calendar for couple of years, and now … READ MORE


CHERUBIM City Bicycle | By Shinichi Konno

CHERUBIM was founded in 1965 in Japan by Hitoshi Konno and, in three short years, the brand was already supplying bikes to the Japanese track team for their trip to the 1968 Olympics. Although they obviously have a strong heritage on the velodrome (see: CHERUBIM Air Line … READ MORE


Starfuckers – Steel Era Special Edition Bicycle

Back in April 2012, Japanese bicycle company Starfuckers released their Steel Era bicycle frame. The steel frame integrated a 130mm rear end, providing the capability to swap wheels for a fixed gear bike, road bike, commuter bike, and single speed bike. The Japanese brand teamed up with … READ MORE


SE Bikes – 2014 PK Ripper Looptail 26-inch Cruiser BMX

PK Ripper is a classic BMX bicycle that was designed and produced by SE Bikes for professional BMX rider and co-founder Perry Kramer hence the PK initial. Here is a sneak look at the 2014 version of the iconic BMX in a slightly larger 26-inch size, created … READ MORE


High Roller – Adult Size Big Wheel Trike

Move over, Bobby and Sally. Time to show those little kids how to ride. Yes, this is an adult-sized big wheel trike that is not only an upgrade from the all-plastic leg-powered three-wheelers of your youth, but it’s fitted with some other toys and tricks. First, thanks to … READ MORE


Be.e – Electric Scooter Made from Biocomposite Hemp

Hemp is a versatile plant that is suitable for a wide range of products from medicine to garments. Dutch designers WAARMAKERS and several companies – InHolland, NPSP Composites, and van.eko – got together to create an amazing electric scooter constructed from bio-composite hemp, flax, and bio-resin. This … READ MORE


Donhou Bicycles – “Experiments in Speed” 100mph Fixed Gear Bicycle | Video

Everyone has dreams, some small, some big, but not all of us work towards making our dreams into a reality. Tom Donhou of Donhou Bicycles dreamed of hitting the 100mph mark on his fixed gear bicycle. Of course, this is not an easy feat, but luckily, a … READ MORE


State Bicycle Co. – Matte Black 4 Fixed Gear Bicycle | Video

Fixed gear bikes have come a long way since their introduction back in the day, especially now that State Bicycle Co. entered the business a few years back. In addition to picking up a new, cooler name – fixies – SBC has helped to give the bikes … READ MORE


Lafayette x W-Base – Durcus One City Explorer Bicycle

W-Base is a staple in Tokyo’s BMX and fixed-gear bicycle scenes, executing numerous collaboration bicycles over the many years. The latest company to team up is Lafayette, a streetwear boutique and brand based in Yokohama who produced this exclusive Durcus One City Explorer bicycle for their 10th … READ MORE