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SKYLMT Dew Sippawit Fixed Gear Freestyle Video

SKYLMT – “Dew Sippawit” Fixed Gear Freestyle | Video

SKYLMT is one of the only few fixed gear bicycle companies that still manufacture their products in USA. Boasting a roster of American riders from the West Coast, they are welcoming their first international rider from Thailand. Born and bred in Chiangmai, Dew Sippawit, is an incredibly … READ MORE

Tokyo Fixed 2014 Dart V2 Fixed Gear Frame 00

Tokyo Fixed Bikes – 2014 Dart V2 Fixed Gear Frame

Much like any designed product, a bicycle frame can always be improved upon its initial release. Tokyo Fixed Bikes did not settle with their first version of the Dart fixed gear frame, and made some changes for the 2014 Dart V2 frame. The improvements are like cherry … READ MORE

Red Bull Bike Messenger Austin Horse Streets Avenues Video

Red Bull – “Bike Messenger Austin Horse: Streets & Avenues” | Video

Red Bull-sponsored bicycle messenger, Austin Horse, is a veteran on the New York City streets and at cycling races around the world. As most of us have seen bicycle messengers whiz by on the streets, we never really understand their story and daily routine, unless of course … READ MORE

The Armstrong Life Lance Armstrong Documentary Official Trailer Video

“The Armstrong Lie” Lance Armstrong Documentary – Official Trailer | Video

The triumph of one man beating cancer and winning seven consecutive titles at Tour de France seemed like a fairy tale, but it turned out to be a nightmare. Lance Armstrong not only doped during those years from 1999 to 2011, but also strongly denied doping, which … READ MORE

Cinelli - Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa Video

Cinelli – “Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa” | Video

How does riding 1700km in Africa sound? Most people may feel threatened by the challenge; Lucas Brunelle was more than happy to try this long journey. Supported by Cinelli, he rode on the last stage of the Tour d’Afrique with Chas Christianson from the world famous bicycle … READ MORE

Wheel Talk SPL Pictures - Fixed Gear Freestyle Slow Motion Video

Wheel Talk + SPL Pictures – Fixed Gear Freestyle Slow Motion Video

Wheel Talk crew is a tight knit riders who are making big moves in the fixed gear freestyle (FGFS) scene today. Lead by super talented riders and filmmaker, Matt Reyes, they teamed up with SPL Pictures to produce an all slo-mo FGFS video. Also included in the … READ MORE


Marc Jacobs x Panda Bicycle Limited Edition Collection

Fashion savant Marc Jacobs has designed a set of new wheels so you can roll with the homies in high fashion style. The collaborative project merges Panda Bicycle‘s commuter functional bamboo bikes with Jacobs‘ keen eye for color, thus giving the world a five bike collection ranging in … READ MORE

Rapha Cycle Club New York Grand Opening 00

Rapha Cycle Club New York Grand Opening

Starting out as a predominantly online venture, the British cycle-based lifestyle brand, Rapha, expanded into the tangible world a few years ago, prompting the opening of Rapha Cycle Clubs in key cities around the world. Following up to London, San Francisco, Osaka, and Sydney, Rapha opened its … READ MORE

The Hundreds x Shadow Conspiracy - Collaboration Collection 01

The Hundreds x Shadow Conspiracy – Collaboration Collection

If you do not live in the vicinity of The Hundreds’ flagship stores, then get onto their online shop quickly, as they have just uploaded their newest collaboration collection with BMX company Shadow Conspiracy. Making up the extensive collection are custom-made 20″ BMX bikes by Shadow Conspiracy, … READ MORE


Greyp Bikes G-12

The tagline for the Greyp Bikes G-12 is “A bicycle when you want it, a motorcycle when you need it.” It’s capable of a pedal-free range of 75 miles, with power supplied by a 1.3kWh battery pack, mounted above a pair of 26-inch Maxxis Hookworm street tires and aluminum wheels. After … READ MORE


iMiNUSD – “Episode V” | Fixed Gear Freestyle Video

Celebrating their fourth anniversary earlier this month, San Jose-based fixed gear bicycle shop, iMiNUSD, threw a huge anniversary bash in their hometown. Amongst the day’s non-stop events was the Trick Jam, which consisted of hitting three local spots with all of the attendees. Notable sponsored FGFS riders … READ MORE