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Billionaire Boys Club – Spring 2014 Collection Lookbook

The lookbook for the” target=”_blank”>Billionaire Boys Club EU Spring 2014 campaign features the photographic handiwork of Dexter Navy, armed as always with his trusty Yashica T4, along with models Sean Lyles, 100s, Niko Da Ikon and Aleali May. Shot on location in Arizona, the arid desert … READ MORE


Levi’s Celebrating the 185th Birthday of Founder Levi Strauss

A little known fact but today marks the 185th birthday of” target=”_blank”>Levi Strauss, founder of denim label” target=”_blank”>Levi’s and often credited as the original inventor of blue jeans. Born on this day in 1829, Strauss immigrated from the Kingdom of Bavaria (now a state within … READ MORE

mastermind JAPAN - FallWinter 1997 to SpringSummer 2014 Archive Collection 01

mastermind JAPAN – Fall/Winter 1997 to Spring/Summer 2014 Archive Collection

Despite their announcement to end their brand last year,”>mastermind JAPAN has been somewhat active this year, recently launching”>adidas Stan Smith sneakers and”>BE@RBRICK figures by MEDICOM TOY. Japanese menswear magazine”>SENSE hosted their BLACK SENSE MARKET FESTIVAL 2014 that involved key brands from Tokyo. One … READ MORE

10DEEP - Spring 2014 Collection Delivery 1 Lookbook 09

10.DEEP – Spring 2014 Collection | Delivery 1 Lookbook”>10.DEEP approached their Spring 2014 collection from a perspective of various cultures that shape the current streetwear scene. The collection is titled Internationally Known, and the first delivery lookbook is uploaded for perusal. Although American cultures molded streetwear, one cannot deny the influence of other countries such … READ MORE


Engineered Garments – Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Lookbook

Daiki Suzuki and his” target=”_blank”>Engineered Garments brand have cultivated an increasingly expansive following over the years thanks to an obvious level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, but it’s also the degree of difficulty built into some of the the brand’s pieces that have drawn guys … READ MORE


The Style of DJ Bobby Trends | AGENDA Show Las Vegas – February 2014

Name:” target=”_blank”>DJ Bobby Trends Occupation: DJ on” target=”_blank”>HOT 97 / Founder of Shake the Block Top:” target=”_blank”>SABIT NYC x Shake the Block (Jacket)” target=”_blank”>Calvin Klein (T-Shirt) Bottom:” target=”_blank”>G-Star RAW (Denim) Accessory:” target=”_blank”>Dee the Jeweler 1000-Gram Cuban Link (Gold Chain)” target=”_blank”>Rolex … READ MORE


The Style of The Mayor | AGENDA Show Las Vegas – February 2014

Name: The Mayor Occupation: Sneaker Aficionado / Brand & Design Consultant Headwear:” target=”_blank”>Vandal-A Industries Top:” target=”_blank”>Vandal-A Industries (Custom Sleeveless Hoody & Tee) Bottom:” target=”_blank”>Cult of Individuality (Denim) Accessory: Mike the Jeweler 1000-Gram Cuban Link (Gold Chain)” target=”_blank”>Rolex Day-Date II President Italian Calendar (Watch) … READ MORE


Supreme x Pink Panther – Capsule Collection

Originally made for Blake Edwards’ comedic film series with the same name, the animated version of the Pink Panther became so popular, especially with the younger audience members, that the movie studio” target=”_blank”>United Artists spurn off the caricature’s first animated short in 1964 titled The Pink … READ MORE


Supreme – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

With professional skater” target=”_blank”>Jason Dill at front and center, NYC-based” target=”_blank”>Supreme unveiled its collection lookbook for Spring/Summer 2014. More just a street fashion brand now, proprietor James Jebbia and his team of designers have become archivists of sort when it comes to the history of … READ MORE

WHIZ Limited - Spring Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook 01

WHIZ Limited – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

one of which is from rock music. However, this season’s focal point is the progression of rock music, the alternative rock movement and culture. Their Spring/Summer 2014 collection is titled, Odelay, perhaps referencing the fifth studio album of the iconic American alternative rock musician, Beck. This range … READ MORE


Ralph Lauren – Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear Collection Lookbook

Like many things, fashion trends are cyclical with enough fadeaway and comeback that will put Lindsay Lohan’s acting career to shame. What was last season’s hottest designer brand is now on the sales rack of your local” target=”_blank”>T.J.Maxx. And that sweater you fought tooth-and-nail for during … READ MORE