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Behind The Brand Foot Patrol By Lester Jones Video

“Behind The Brand: Foot Patrol” By Lester Jones | Video

Foot Patrol is an English institution when it comes to quality footwear, and definitely ranking amongst the top sneaker purveyors in the world. Sydney-based filmer/director, Lester Jones, took a long flight across the pond to catch up with Jimmy Horrocks, the Operations Manager at Foot Patrol, for … READ MORE

Red Bull Music Academy - What Difference Does It Make Documentary Video

Red Bull Music Academy – “What Difference Does It Make” Documentary | Video

Music is all around us, from when we wake up in the morning until the time we go to sleep. Whether it is through television, internet, MP3 players, or on radio, musicians are producing songs to present to the world. Red Bull Music Academy program has been … READ MORE

Hard Knock TV - Pharrell Williams Interview Video

Hard Knock TV – Pharrell Williams Interview | Video

One cannot deny the complexity of thought that runs through creative minds, yet Pharrell Williams makes it look all too easy most of the time. Having accomplished countless accolades in his time, including his recent win of Best Producer at the 2014 Grammys, Williams have always been … READ MORE

size - Stan Smith Interview Video 01

size? – Stan Smith Interview | Video

As many sneakerheads and adidas fans are ecstatic for the return of iconic Stan Smith sneakers, no one can hide their excitement like Stan Smith himself. The former world number 1 tennis player opens up about his amazing tennis career, and of course his sneaker project with … READ MORE

Vice - Epicly Laterd Theotis Beasley Part 1 Video

VICE – Epicly Later’d: Theotis Beasley Part 1 | Video

Those who have watched Epicly Later’d, one of the popular skateboard-related shows on VICE, over the years would notice a shift in its interviewees, from young up-and-comers to old veterans. However, they are making the move back to focusing on young skateboarders again. The latest series interviews … READ MORE

MOCA - Building Detroit Revok Nekst Pose Video

MOCA – “Building Detroit: Revok, Nekst, Pose” | Video

Taking over where others have left off, MOCA interviews prolific graffiti writers/contemporary artists REVOK and POSE in a new video titled Building Detroit. Although ordinary folks are deserting the city to find better opportunities elsewhere, REVOK relocated from Los Angeles to Detroit to start his new life. … READ MORE


Reserve Channel – “ARTST TLK” With Pharrell Williams: Leonard Nimoy | Video

For his latest installment of “ARTST TLK” on the Reserve Channel, Pharrell sits down with Leonard Nimoy, the man from whom he co-opted the Vulcan salute (a ubiquitous gesture during the rapper/producer’s N.E.R.D. days). The lengthy one-on-one conversation includes a discussion on the origins of Mister Spock, … READ MORE

Reserve Channel ARTST TLK with Pharrell Williams Jeff Koons Video

Reserve Channel – “ARTST TLK” with Pharrell Williams: Jeff Koons | Video

As he does in every episode of ARTST TLK on Reserve Channel, the host of the show, Pharrell Williams, enlightens us with an in-depth conversation with the world’s top creative thinkers. Gracing the round table for this new video interview is none other than American Pop Art … READ MORE

NOWNESS Shorts on Sundays Sign Painters Video

NOWNESS – “Shorts on Sundays: Sign Painters” | Video

In a time where signs are made from cheap vinyl stickers or digital prints, the art of sign painting is endangered by stiff competition. However, there are enough sign painters in every major city to keep the tradition alive. Filmmakers Sam Macon and Faythe Levine explored the … READ MORE

KarmaloopTV Making the Brand Staple Video

KarmaloopTV – “Making the Brand: Staple” | Video

Jeff Staple is one of the architects of modern streetwear culture, and fortunately for young up-and-comers, he is willing to share his knowledge and experience with the world. KarmaloopTV interviewed key members of the Staple design team for the newest edition of Making the Brand video series. … READ MORE

VICE A Portrait of Brian Anderson Video

VICE – “A Portrait of Brian Anderson” | Video

Brian Anderson is causing some buzz in the skateboarding community, as he had stepped off the Girl Skateboards team, and started his own skateboard company, 3D Skateboard Co. Furthermore, his Nike SB pro model sneaker, Project BA, is getting attention from skateboarders and sneaker fiends alike. On … READ MORE