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VICE – Epicly Later’d: Eric Koston Part 1 | Video

Eric Koston is a natural born skateboarder, and his ability has surpassed generations and terrain. Whether it is big gaps, long rails, ledges, flat land, or ramps, Koston will shred it each time, every time. The best part of his skateboarding style is that he makes everything … READ MORE


DEFRAG – ROSTARR Interview | Video

Brooklyn based artist Romon Yang, commonly known as ROSTARR, recently held his solo exhibition, Ikonoclysm, at COMMON in Tokyo. While in Japan, ROSTARR participated in a video interview with DEFRAG, a local online media company. In the three-minute long interview, Yang speaks about his early influences in … READ MORE


KTC-Manufacture Interview with Fraser Cooke of Nike

If you enjoyed the interview with Rapha founder Simon Mottram on KTC-Manufacture, then you will surely enjoy this latest interview. Even though many of us have heard the name Fraser Cooke and seen plenty of his handy work at Nike, many of do not know the full … READ MORE


VANS Off The Wall TV – Pass The Bucket with Devon Blood | Video

It is hard to imagine what it feels like to be shot in the head with a gun at close range, let alone overcoming many obstacles after waking up from a coma. A tattoo artist by trade, Devon Blood used to be right-handed, and his work relied … READ MORE


Jake Davis – The Deluxe Influence of Bedwin | Video

Jake Davis‘ latest installment in his film series with K-Swiss Japan exploring Japanese style revolves around Jey Perie, the marketing and public relations director for DLX, the parent company of Bedwin & the Heartbreakers and Deluxe. Entitled “The Deluxe Influence of Bedwin,” the short film highlights the … READ MORE

mackintosh - 100 secrets of mackintosh - video - 0

MACKINTOSH – 100 Secrets of MACKINTOSH | Video

British heritage brand and rainwear manufacturer MACKINTOSH reached a milestone this week when they hit the halfway point on their quest to release 100 exclusive interviews about their brand, its design, and where they fit in today’s market. Each video includes some of the market’s leading creative … READ MORE


Jägermeister – How Mister Cartoon Earned His Seat at the Table | Video

The German liquor brand Jägermeister came up with an interesting promotional campaign titled How… Earned His Seat at the Table. This interview-based campaign speaks to a variety of successful individuals, and amongst them is Los Angeles based tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. Reflecting on his life and the … READ MORE


Subaru BRZ – Development Documentary | Video

Subaru BRZ has been a long time coming and the Japanese automotive company spent an enormous amount of time to develop this new model. To show all of the hidden benefits of the sports car, Subaru put together a short documentary outlining the key improvements and design … READ MORE


IWC Schaffhausen – Globetrotter New York City: Jeff Staple | Video

The fine watch company IWC Schaffhausen is celebrating its flagship store in New York’s Madison Avenue and it boasts a 3,000 square feet of floor space, the largest IWC Schaffhausen boutique in the world. To further enhance visitors stay in New York, they have filmed the Globetrotter … READ MORE


VH1 – Behind The Music: Nas | Video

There are a lot of great rappers in this world but if a survey was conducted amongst them, many would probably rate Nas as their favorite MC. A true lyricist in today’s populated rap game, Nasir Jones still retains his legendary status by spitting out punchy rhymes … READ MORE


Complex – Cut & Show: OUTLIER Interview | Video

When it comes down to it, men love functionality. OUTLIER founders and designers Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister set out to produce one of the most sophisticated menswear out there without looking too technical. Their subtle approach to redesigning classic garments have definitely paid off and have … READ MORE