MEGA Styles: A Conversation with Noah Bernard of adidas Originals Footwear

If you’ve scrolled through your favorite online magazines or watched a show about juiced-up and tan 20-somethings on MTV recently, chances are that you’ve come across the advertising for adidas MEGA products. The advertisements feature B.O.B. as a short order cook in a 50s-styled diner who takes… READ MORE


West meets East: A Conversation with Kiya and Andrew of Self Edge

Upon arriving to the Self Edge shop in New York City, I met Andrew Chen, the co-owner of 3sixteen and manager of the NY Shop, and began our conversation in the tiny, warm backroom office of the shop. As Andrew deftly identified the details of some of the Sugar Cane and Iron Heart shirts on a rack in… READ MORE


Man Is In The Forest: A Conversation with Ben Yue of Disney

Walt Disney once said, “I believe in being an innovator.” and surely the company he left behind has gone on to do just that, creating some of the best and most innovative movies of our generation. The brand is now one of the most recognizable in the entire world and licenses it’s products in various different… READ MORE


A Curious Incident Of Time: When Dee & Ricky Meets G-Shock

It reveals and conceals, peels back layers, upon layers, upon layers. It is analog, and it is also digital. Gears and trinkets work tirelessly in a magnetic resistant field, noting the passing of time down to a pinpoint precision, looking slightly byzantine in the dial. This, is the new G-Shock GA-110 model, and with… READ MORE


A Designer Of Interest – Hue Vo

On an early Sunday morning recently, I waited at the hinted location – at the World Trade Center reconstruction site, for further instruction. The scene is straight from a spy novel – a brisk wintery day, a clandestine location, and enigmatic person of interest. A shorten text appeared on my phone, no name, no number, just a message “I’m at Flight Club”… READ MORE


Refreshing Authenticity: A Conversation with Levi Maestro of Maestro Knows

Call it a merger of movements– the unstoppable takeover of the web as the revolutionary key media outlet and changes in consumption of entertainment fostering a proliferation of reality television. However, what skateboarder turned videographer prodigy, Levi Maestro, brings to the table is a fresh level of… READ MORE