A Designer Of Interest – Hue Vo

On an early Sunday morning recently, I waited at the hinted location – at the World Trade Center reconstruction site, for further instruction. The scene is straight from a spy novel – a brisk wintery day, a clandestine location, and enigmatic person of interest. A shorten text appeared on my phone, no name, no number, just a message “I’m at Flight Club”… READ MORE


Refreshing Authenticity: A Conversation with Levi Maestro of Maestro Knows

Call it a merger of movements– the unstoppable takeover of the web as the revolutionary key media outlet and changes in consumption of entertainment fostering a proliferation of reality television. However, what skateboarder turned videographer prodigy, Levi Maestro, brings to the table is a fresh level of… READ MORE


The Art of Consumption – RSVP GALLERY ®

RSVP Gallery recently opened their doors in Chicago, Illinois to the delight of numerous consumers and art connoisseurs in Chicago and across the United States. The space serves as both a luxury boutique and art gallery that carries some of the most exclusive brands and artists’ work from all over the world. RSVP is short for Résponde si vous plez or please respond… READ MORE


A Man Of All Trades: A Conversation With Wale

Washington DC native Wale, born Olubowale Victor Folarin, has a lot on his lightning-quick mind lately. Attention Deficit, his debut album, just dropped on November 10th, and expectations are high. He’s among the new breed of artists whose careers are both augmented and tarnished by internet hype… READ MORE


One On One – A Conversation With Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is used to stardom. A heralded high school baller from Baltimore, Anthony spent his first three years at Towson Catholic High School before transferring to Oak Hill Academy for a stellar senior year that catapulted him from local star to USA Today first team All-American. A year later… READ MORE


The Aficionado: A Conversation with DJ Clark Kent

The reaction was instantaneous. Before we could even turn to the direction of interest, his giant frame lurched forward in a calculated pace toward the intended target. Again, we were left behind his trail, wondering among ourselves. This is what sneaker shopping with DJ Clark Kent (born Rodolfo Franklin) is like… READ MORE