FIGHT! – An Interview with Caol Uno

As the evening dissipates in to a light filled day at Cologne, Germany, Caol Uno wouldn’t even notice it at all since he’s been locked away the last few days. It is an incarceration by choice, a temporary sentence of necessities as he mounts his return to the Octagon… READ MORE


The Market Makers – A Conversation with Fraser Cooke and Hiroshi Fujiwara

“Influencers” worked within the perimeters of a market, setting trends based on predetermined standards. “Market makers”, on the other hand, established new markets with ease. Breaching against tested trend formulas and creating genres unlike others in the marketplace. One example is Fujiwara’s Fragment… READ MORE


An Interview with the Designers of the Nike Air Maxim 1

Certainly the term above is a familiar one, then there is a more recent terminology coined by Nike, “re-evolution”, a hybrid process where new modifications are conjoined with pre-existing elements instead of replacing them. An ideal example of this is the new Air Maxim 1… READ MORE


An Interview with Kikuo Ibe – The Founding Father Of Casio G-Shock

It started out as a typical story of lost and found, a tale of need and creation. However, since the legend began back in 1983, the story had panned out into something much greater than that. The story of G-Shock had become a global phenomenon, a new perception on time piece, and most importantly, an almost… READ MORE


STAGES – Nike x LIVESTRONG – A Global Art Exhibition

It is taking place at this very moment, across time zones and geographic boundaries, through face-to-face conversation or an impromptu telephone call. But the subject is all along the same line, an announcement of dread, of fear, of consequences yet unknown. A conversation where 3 simple words carried… READ MORE


JUICE – Kuala Lumpur

The majority population mark up of Kuala Lumpur is made up of four different races- Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. After CLOT INC’s retail store, Juice, had successfully entered the South East Asian market through Singapore in 2007, there is hardly another city just as energetic and diverse left as Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia… READ MORE