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Fresh + Creative – Colossal Media

Colossal Media is the largest outdoor mural painting company in the world. Their slogan, “Always Hand Paint,” adorns their scaffoldings and many of the finished products. In an era of 3d printers and all-digital everything, it’s remarkable that a company devoted to using 1920s methods for production has been so successful. But standing a block away from a 300 foot tall photorealistic mural with… READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – Grotesk

The work of Kimou Meyer, aka Grotesk, has been an integral part of streetwear and sports design for years. You may not know it, but his work has adorned designs for Nike, Uniqlo, Alife, Stussy, Only NY, and many others. An angular, accented Swiss-born artist with a penchant for whimsical provocation has slowly… READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – Snarkitecture

Nestled among buildings with unassuming facades in Green Point, the Snarkitecture studio’s plain brick exterior belies a space that’s home to one of today’s most sought-after duos of idea-shapers. After entering the studio and crossing through a workshop… READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – Matt Stevens

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe Creativity speaking, it was a way to escape from the daily grind and to tap that original inspirations which started it all. Of course, that “original inspirations” could be anything and everything, from a simple leisurely stroll on the beach … READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – Vita Yang

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe As the culture of “need to see now” has begun to command the way style is communicated to the masses, the popular attitude toward fashion illustration gradually became like that of the steam locomotive: reliable, yet just a novelty. Then, … READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – Dorothy Hong

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe “Kat-cha”, a crisp sound with a bit of lingering aftereffect, it is a sound all too familiar to photographers around the world.  Never mind the change in format, the adaptation of new technologies and replacement of old.  The sound of … READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – ILoveDust

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe The lovers of all things well designed. Its very name extruded certain measure of fun and curiosity. Indeed, the original intents of Mark Graham and Ben Beach were to generate interest from potential clients. In ways, they got more than … READ MORE

Nike TPE6453 - Cortez Exhibition

Fresh + Creative – Denton-Cardew Design (DC-D)

Nike has established itself a long time ago as a powerhouse in our culture speaking to virtually everyone – athletes, artists, sneakerheads, etc. As if staying relevant for over three decades was not hard enough, Nike has been a pioneer for just as long. In order to continue their success… READ MORE