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Freshness Excursion: Johannesburg, South Africa

Late in September 2012, Freshness was invited to South Africa to partake in the annual STR.CRD festival, which celebrates urban culture through activities in the areas of fashion, music, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance (you can see our recap of STR.CRD 2012 here). So we hopped on … READ MORE


Freshness Excursion: Miami – HTC One X Hands-On

The introduction of the digital camera pushed film into a niche market. And the introduction of camera functions to the smart phone may very well phase out the compact digital camera as well. The HTC One X, this Spring’s newest smartphone contender is poised to do so … READ MORE


Freshness Excursion: Miami With The HTC One X

Earlier this week, HTC invited Freshness down to Miami to experience their highly anticipated HTC ONE Series smartphone. As part of the experience was to basically have a mini vacation and take in all that Miami has to offer with the HTC One in hand. And who … READ MORE


Freshness Excursion: Amsterdam

Words & Photos by: Yu-Ming Wu About a month ago the Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board sent a surprising email asking us whether we wanted to visit Amsterdam. That was pretty much an easy yes and for the icing, they also included an invitation to visit Valencia, … READ MORE