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Freshness Excursion: Johannesburg, South Africa

Late in September 2012, Freshness was invited to South Africa to partake in the annual”>STR.CRD festival, which celebrates urban culture through activities in the areas of fashion, music, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance (you can see our”>recap of STR.CRD 2012 here). So we hopped on … READ MORE


Freshness Excursion: Miami – HTC One X Hands-On

The introduction of the digital camera pushed film into a niche market. And the introduction of camera functions to the smart phone may very well phase out the compact digital camera as well. The”>HTC One X, this Spring’s newest smartphone contender is poised to do so … READ MORE


Freshness Excursion: Miami With The HTC One X

Earlier this week, HTC invited Freshness down to Miami to experience their highly anticipated”>HTC ONE Series smartphone. As part of the experience was to basically have a mini vacation and take in all that Miami has to offer with the HTC One in hand. And who … READ MORE


Freshness Excursion: Amsterdam

Words & Photos by: Yu-Ming Wu About a month ago the”>Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board sent a surprising email asking us whether we wanted to visit Amsterdam. That was pretty much an easy yes and for the icing, they also included an invitation to visit Valencia, … READ MORE