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Sigma DP2 Quattro

This interesting new camera from Sigma is actually their first of three large-sensor compact cameras that hope to remake the brand’s current line-up with a design that is longer, but more balanced for an easier user experience. While the housing is certain to turn a few heads, … READ MORE


HASSELBLAD HV – 24.3 Megapixel Full-Frame Digital SLR Camera

When HASSELBLAD‘s new owner, private equity firm Ventizz, decided to end its storied V-System medium format camera line for good last April, the decision was met with condemnation. Yet, even die-hard fans knew the company was struggling against the onslaught of more advanced digital SLR technologies and … READ MORE


WeSC Spray Paint Cap Speaker

WeSC is up to something interesting here with their Spray Paint Cap Speaker. Hoping to add a bit of variety to the rather standard speaker line-up out there while also attracting a more edgy crowd, the brand is offering up a Bluetooth speaker that looks exactly like … READ MORE


Facebook Paper

There’s an acronym for what Facebook is attempting to resolve here: FOMO. Or, “Fear of missing out.” Using the standard Facebook News Feed plus other news sources you choose, Facebook’s just announced app, Paper, recreates an immersive, horizontally scrolling summary of all the news and updates you … READ MORE


Olympus OM-D E-M10 – Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

If you’ve been following Olympus‘ moves over the last couple of years as they work to make mirrorless cameras simultaneously more compact, more powerful, and more affordable, then you probably saw this OM-D E-M10 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera coming. Their developments over recent years have been exciting, … READ MORE


Google Glass Titanium Eyewear

Previously, the major roadblock impeding the inevitability of Google Glass was its awkward design. Google has addressed the issue with the launch of four new styles of the Internet-enabled headset. There are four titanium frame styles — Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split — and three sunglass styles made … READ MORE


Fujifilm X-T1 – Mirrorless Digital SLR Camera

Fujifilm has just introduced their latest X-Series mirrorless camera, the X-T1, which now serves as the company’s flagship mirrorless handheld. Featuring a robust housing, a SLR-like design with a centered view finder, and a 16-megapixel APS-C image sensor, Fujifilm has definitely sealed its position as the Apple … READ MORE


Graff Diamonds x Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Headphones – Super Bowl XLVIII Edition

For Super Bowl XLVIII, one of sports world’s biggest stage, audio accessories maker Beats by Dr. Dre teamed up with Graff Diamonds to create a very special gift for members of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Each of the participating athletes received an exclusive Graff Diamonds … READ MORE


Starter Black Label x Dee & Ricky – Collaboration Collection

Later on today, January 23rd, Starter will launch a limited collaborative collection done with designer twins Dee & Ricky. To be the newest additions to its Starter Black Label line, the collection includes three separate themes comprise of a snapback baseball cap ($50), knit cap ($30), and … READ MORE