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Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG with QNX Car 2.0 Infotainment System

While the black vinyl wrap made the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG stand out at its perch in the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES, what really set the vehicle apart was found on the inside of the cabin. Specifically, it was the touchscreen that spanned the instrument panel, which contained the QNX … READ MORE


JBL S400BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The latest addition to the premium JBL Synchros line of headphones is the JBL S400BT, which offers the ability to listen wirelessly via Bluetooth or connected with the included audio cable. A collapsible steel headband delivers enhanced durability and style, while plush earcushions are good for added comfort. Audiophiles … READ MORE


FLIR ONE – Personal Infrared Thermal Imaging Device for Apple iPhone 5/5S

At this week’s CES in Las Vegas, FLIR debuted a $350 case that turns the Apple iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal imaging camera. The FLIR ONE enables users to detect heat signatures from either people or animals up to 100 meters away, and what’s seen on the screen … READ MORE


Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence

Representing Moore’s Law of entertainment, Bang & Olufsen‘s latest sound system is aimed directly at making your music experience as easy as flipping a switch. With a look like the Next Thermostat, this small gadget is tuned to turn on your music as you walk into a … READ MORE


Sony Alpha A5000 – Entry-Level Mirrorless Digital Camera

At this year’s CES, Sony has announced their new A5000 mirrorless camera, which, despite its size, is more than enough to fill the hole left behind with the elimination of their NEX brand. For years, Sony has got better and better in making their camera’s compact, but … READ MORE


JBL Authentics – Wireless Speaker System

The JBL Authentics L16 and L8 wireless speaker systems are made for the way we listen to music today, featuring the latest in wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi and handheld devices. They’re also the first speakers to boast HARMAN Signal Doctor, an exclusive technology that restores the details lost in … READ MORE


Mophie Space Pack for iPhone – Battery Case With Built-in Storage

For extended trips, you can either carry around an external battery back, worry about where to store it, and fiddle with all the cables. Or, you can invest in the Mophie Space Pack for iPhone, which is a handle case and extended battery for your favorite Apple … READ MORE


Spottly – Social Travel App for iOS

The Spottly app for iOS enables users to create their own travel journal (think of it as a Pinterest for places), allowing anyone to create and share their travel notes for places they’ve been to or destinations they want to explore in the future. An elegant user interface … READ MORE


Canon PowerShot N100

Casual users have largely ditched their cameras in favor of their smartphones when shooting the photos they share on their various social networking sites, and Canon has unveiled the PowerShot N100 to appeal to that same market. The PowerShot N100 is equipped with a standard point-and-shoot camera at … READ MORE