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Mophie Space Pack for iPhone – Battery Case With Built-in Storage

For extended trips, you can either carry around an external battery back, worry about where to store it, and fiddle with all the cables. Or, you can invest in the Mophie Space Pack for iPhone, which is a handle case and extended battery for your favorite Apple … READ MORE


Spottly – Social Travel App for iOS

The Spottly app for iOS enables users to create their own travel journal (think of it as a Pinterest for places), allowing anyone to create and share their travel notes for places they’ve been to or destinations they want to explore in the future. An elegant user interface … READ MORE


Canon PowerShot N100

Casual users have largely ditched their cameras in favor of their smartphones when shooting the photos they share on their various social networking sites, and Canon has unveiled the PowerShot N100 to appeal to that same market. The PowerShot N100 is equipped with a standard point-and-shoot camera at … READ MORE


LaCie Christofle Sphère – External Hard Drive

French digital storage company LaCie has a knack for blending high style with its storage gadgets, and this new external hard drive made in collaboration with silverware brand Christofle takes the luxury aesthetic to new heights. The device takes the form of a handcrafted silver plated steel … READ MORE


MaxStone Camera Remote

Let’s face it: when inspiration strikes or an opportunity for an incredible shot presents itself, you’re not always going to have a second set of hands to help. Whether it includes shots with a long exposure, time-lapse, or video, having a remote on-hand is the difference between … READ MORE


Fujifilm X100S Black

Joining last year’s silver version, Fujifilm is releasing the X100S in an all-black. Everything else about the retro-inspired, high-end camera is the same as its silver kin, save for the swap-out of all things silver, including the lens and buttons up top for a sleek, classic look. It … READ MORE


Samsung HW-H600 Sound Stand

The new Samsung HW-H600 Sound Stand is the first pedestal-style sound bar from the company, designed to sit underneath TVs ranging in size from 32 inches up to 55 inches. Its Multi-direction technology provides rich 4.2-channel sound in a sleek, low-profile (1.4 inches) design that features a built-in … READ MORE

Galaxy Camera 2 0

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Samsung’s new Galaxy Camera 2, which the brand is debuting this week, is the true embodiment of a smart point-and-shoot. Running Android and coming with wireless connectivity, the Galaxy Camera 2 is operated through its large 4.8-inch touchscreen and is designed to make taking photos and sharing … READ MORE


JBL Voyager – Speaker System

You bring your buddies, and JBL will bring the noise. The Voyager is the latest project from the American veteran audio company, offering a wireless home audio speaker system focused on a detachable speaker. The main dock of the full-range drivers, as well as the subwoofer, are … READ MORE