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Destiny – Official Trailer | Video

Halo creator” target=”_blank”>Bungie Studios has unveiled the trailer for the highly anticipated Destiny, a first-person shooter with massively multiplayer elements. Starting with Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito reading aloud from The Jungle Book to his son, the scene quickly shifts to masked warriors fighting off alien hordes, … READ MORE


Razer Blade Pro – Extreme Performance Gaming Laptop

It would appear as though it’s finally happened; the Matrix has produced its first laptop. Well, not quite, but close. Thinner than a dime is tall, the all-new”>Razer Blade Pro is the world’s slimmest gaming laptop. With its black and green color scheme, ultra-thin frame, 17.3” … READ MORE


Halo: Spartan Assault – Finally Revealed

Fans clamoring for the next installment in the Halo franchise have received an unexpected answer from” target=”_blank”>343 Industries, with the announcement that Halo: Spartan Assault is made exclusively for Windows Phone and touch-enabled Windows 8 devices. The top-down, twin-stick shooter allows for customized battlefield roles through … READ MORE


Love Hultén – R-Kaid-42 Wooden Retro Gaming Console

Traditional bulky game consoles fit affectionately into that of a college dormitory or frat house, but can be pimples on the face of a tastefully done, living room, rec room, or finished basement. With Sweedish designer,”>Love Hulten’s latest contribution of the ‘R Kaid 42’ to the … READ MORE


Payday 2 Gameplay Trailer | Video” target=”_blank”>Overkill has released a trailer for the Payday 2, the sequel to 2011’s first-person shooter Payday: The Heist. Foregoing the explosions and requisite spills and thrills of the typical gameplay trailer, the clip quietly builds up momentum, starting with slow-panning shots of a neighborhood bank on … READ MORE


Tek Recon – First Ever Real Life Video Game” target=”_blank”>Tek Recon, an outfit based out of Toronto, Canada, has introduced its namesake flagship game, one that purports to bring video games to life. Players arm themselves with Tek Recon Blasters, equipped with real trigger action and specially designed “NRG Rounds” — reusable soft rubber rings … READ MORE


Need For Speed: Rivals – Teaser Trailer | Video” target=”_blank”>Electronic Arts has unveiled a teaser video for Need for Speed Rivals, the latest installment of the popular racing game series. Available for the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles (as well as PC), the game uses the Frostbite 3 engine to render cars like … READ MORE


Call of Duty: Ghosts – Official Reveal Trailer | Video

In the midst of” target=”_blank”>Microsoft’s grand “Xbox Reveal”” target=”_blank”>XBOX ONE presentation earlier this afternoon, the software/consumer electronic giant also unveiled several gaming titles slated to be on the new console, including the much anticipated” target=”_blank”>Call of Duty: Ghosts. Written by screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, who … READ MORE


XBOX ONE by Microsoft – Next Generation Entertainment Console

Perhaps taking a chapter from Sony’s playbook on its PlayStation 4 launch,” target=”_blank”>Microsoft unveiled just enough details about” target=”_blank”>XBOX ONE today to keep everyone enticed till next month’s” target=”_blank”>E3 trade show. Unlike Sony however, who will be keeping PS4 hidden from view till later … READ MORE


XBOX ONE – Next Generation All-In-One Entertainment System | Preview

Advertised not just as a new gaming console but an evolutionary leap forward in the home entertainment system,”>Microsoft unveiled the”>XBOX ONE at its Redmond, Washington headquarters an hour ago. While executives are still taking turns presenting all the innovative features, here are some of the … READ MORE


Batman: Arkham Origins – Official Trailer | Video

Following last month’s” target=”_blank”>announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins,” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros. has unveiled the official trailer for the highly anticipated game. The hallmark of the cinematic clip is an action-packed fight scene between Batman and Deathstroke, as well as a glimpse of Black Mask, the mob … READ MORE