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KITH x Ronnie Fieg – Jay-Z Concert at Barclays Center Giveaway Contest

In a city that never lacks for blockbuster events, the hottest ticket going in New York City right now is the series of concerts that Jay-Z’s scheduled starting on September 28th to christen the opening of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Ronnie Fieg and Kith NYC want to give … READ MORE


GIVEAWAY: EA Sports Madden NFL ’13 VIP Pack

A new NFL season is upon us once again. It will also be a new start for the Motor City and its hometown heroes on the Detroit Lions. Thanks to the team’s tenacity and the league’s most formidable combo of Matthew Stafford (quarterback) and Calvin Johnson (wide … READ MORE


EA Sports NCAA Football 13 Road To The Heisman VIP Kit | Winner Announced

Thanks to every one who entered our giveaway for the EA Sports NCAA Football 13 Road To The Heisman VIP Kit. And the winner is…


GIVEAWAY: EA Sports NCAA Football 13 – Road To The Heisman VIP Kit

From now until the end of July, we have an amazing EA Sports NCAA Football 13 – Road To The Heisman VIP Kit to giveaway. Please take a look below for all the details. EA SPORTS is celebrating the release of NCAA Football 13 with an exclusive … READ MORE


The Dark Knight Rises – IMAX Screening Exclusive Poster | Featuring Bane

Absolutely haunting, hidden behind that respirator for his analgesic gas, Bane’s menacing glaze pierces even the bravest of souls. But look beyond that evil stare and you will notice an anamorphosis symbol of his nemesis – the bat wing emblem of Batmant. The exclusive poster of Bane … READ MORE


BNE Water Foundation – KAWS 4-Foot Dissected Black Companion Giveaway

In a bid to raise awareness and help the people of Uganda get clean water, BNE Water Foundation is launching a new campaign to attract donations. Their latest offering, amongst various donations from international artists on their gallery, is the 4-Foot Dissected Black Companion figure designed by … READ MORE


STRO – Product Hunt in Santa Monica | Video

Online personality and videographer extraordinaire Levi Maestro is slowly getting ready launch his personal apparel label, STRO. We have seen collaborations from Levi in the past, however this line is produced as a standalone label from the man himself. As a clever individual, he has devised a … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Companion Candles

There is no doubt the Companion character is one of the most popular characters created by KAWS and OriginalFake have made a candle in the shape of the Companion figure. Before we get too excited, we need to remind you that this product is in fact not for sale. … READ MORE

Giveaway: Nike Air Force 1 – Year of the Dragon | Reminder

The fireworks have been long gone. So are the lion dancers and other Chinese New Year festivities. But there is still an opportunity for you to partake in the celebration once again with Freshness’ current giveaway – a pristine pair of Nike Air Force 1 – Year … READ MORE


BNE – Signed Skateboard Deck Giveaway

BNE was once menacing the streets of major cities with his throw-ups and stickers. Although in recent times, he has set up the BNE Water Foundation, where he aims to use his brand to help the needy. BNE has set his focus to providing clean water to … READ MORE


Giveaway: Nike Air Force 1 – Year of the Dragon

With fireworks, lion dances, and final family gatherings, last night marked the final day of a week-long festivities that usher in Chinese New Year. To commemorate this timeless celebration, we have secured a pair in US Size 11 of the prized Nike Air Force 1 – Year … READ MORE