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Petition Against Using Terry Richardson for Brand Campaigns Launched

Seen in a different light, Terry Richardson‘s instantly identifiable persona — the thumbs-up perma-grin and vintage Moscot frames — can convey a certain creepiness rather than artistic whimsy. In fact, rumors of the famed photographer’s unprofessional conduct have been circulating for a while now, and Alice Ehrenfried from … READ MORE


Kanye West to Appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Back on September 25th, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Kanye West‘s recent BBC Radio 1 interview during his monologue, airing a skit in which child actors reenacted actual portions of the interview (there were especially provocative and inflammatory remarks about leather jogging pants). While the bit was … READ MORE


Instagram Bringing Ads to Users’ Feeds

C’mom, guys, we all knew it was just a matter of time before our Instagram feeds showcasing our friends’ meals, wedding photos, new buys, and general amateur photography wasn’t going to stay blissfully ad-free forever. Well, here’s the news then: Instagram announced on Wednesday that they will … READ MORE

The Coveteur Featuring Michael Dupoy 02

The Coveteur Featuring Michael Dupouy

Michael Dupouy is a man who needs no introduction, as his contribution to the street culture is nothing short of amazing. From his All Gone book series to inception of Club 75 with fellow Parisian powerhouse, Ed Banger Records, and numerous collaboration projects under his creative agency, … READ MORE

OUTLIER - Soft Core Bomber Jacket 01

OUTLIER – Soft Core Bomber Jacket

Fall is definitely upon us, as the weather turns little cooler, and days slightly shorter. OUTLIER designed this Soft Core Bomber jacket for the transition months. Constructed from their original 4Season fabric, and utilizing their patent pending Pivot Sleeve design. To offer optimum warmth, the jacket is … READ MORE


Marc Jacobs Leaving Louis Vuitton to Focus on Namesake Brand

Sixteen years of fashion design and innovation for the House of Louis Vuitton couldn’t have been any sweeter thanks to the creative genius of Marc Jacobs. Sadly, the style savant with the Midas touch announced at the end of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 runway show that he … READ MORE


Dumb and Dumber To – First Look at Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels on Set

The hairstyles say it all: Jim Carrey‘s bowl cut and Jeff Daniels‘ unruly blond mop signal the return of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, the heroes of the classic comedy film Dumb & Dumber. Both actors took to Twitter recently to share photos of themselves on the set … READ MORE


MTV and VH1 to Commemorate 20th Anniversary of Nirvana’s “In Utero”

Nirvana always had trouble with the wide popularity they received almost overnight, quickly winning awards, sending albums to multiple-platinum status, and blowing out the Billboard charts. It was tough on the trio, who went from garage grunge to MTV‘s Unplugged sessions, especially with the huge success of … READ MORE


Nike Golf Releases the VR_S Covert Junior Set

It’s easy to dress like the pro’s – just check out what they wore for the The Open Championship from the Nike Fall 2013 Collection – but now young golfers can even swing the same clubs as their heros with the new Nike Golf VR_S Covert Junior … READ MORE


Keurig – Campbell’s Soup K-Cups Coming Soon

As if the Keurig coffee maker wasn’t already a necessary domestic machine in our lives, Campbell‘s new Soup K-Cups just gave us a reason to utilize the device’s magic for lunch time as well as breakfast. In less than it takes to sync your iPhone, the Keurig … READ MORE


Bigshot Camera – DIY Digital Camera

Introducing the world of photography to anyone let alone kids can seem like a pretty intimidating affair, which is why Shree Nayer decided to do something about it. A professor of computer science at Columbia University, the Bigshot DIY Digital Camera Kit is a low-cost camera set … READ MORE